It is our really great pleasure to inform you that the consecutive BOS conference, that is – BOS/SOR2020 took place, after the change of date and after switching to virtual mode, on December 14-15, 2020. You can verify for yourself that the content of the meeting was truly interesting and motivating – the realised schedule of the meeting is provided here below, and the blue-coloured papers lead to respective presentations. We sincerely hope you shall find them not only highly interesting, but also stimulating.


Final Session Schedule of the BOS/SOR2020 Conference,
Palais Staszic, Warsaw / virtual mode

Systems and Operational Research 2020

Organised by the Polish Operational and Systems Research Society, in cooperation with the
Systems Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Warsaw School of information Technology


14 December 2020 - Monday

12:00 CET*: opening of the Conference

Introductory Address by Janusz Kacprzyk, President, Polish Operational and Systems Research Society

12:15 CET: Jorge Hernandez Hormazabal: Enhancing and implementing knowledge based ICT solutions within high risk and uncertain conditions for agriculture production systems (RUC-APS) (invited plenary); Chair: Janusz Kacprzyk

13:00 CET: Tadeusz Trzaskalik: Classification of alternatives in Bipolar Multistage Method; Chair: Janusz Kacprzyk

13:45 CET: Session I: Multiple criteria decision making and optimisation; Chair: Ignacy Kaliszewski

Alexander Yazenin & Ilya Soldatenko: Model of a minimal risk portfolio under hybrid uncertainty

Andrzej Łodziński: Supporting the process of negotiations with the use of multi-criteria analysis

Ignacy Kaliszewski & Olga Karelkina: Multiobjective optimization via web-based services

Jakko Hakula: Evaluation of digital services by voting towards MCDM: the pedagogy of the Saari triangle

Dmitry Podkopaev: A library for solving multiobjective multiple-choice knapsack problems


15:45 CET: Session II: Trading and exchange models and algorithms; Chair: Lech Kruś

Przemysław Juszczuk & Lech Kruś: Towards effective trading systems - investigating the efficiency of market indicators

Jerzy Tchórzewski & Dariusz Ruciński: Quantum-inspired method of modelling the neuronal day-ahead market of the Polish electricity exchange

Dariusz Ruciński: Data quotation period and the quality of ANN teaching as a Polish Power Exchange model


17:30 CET: Closing of the first day of the Conference


15 December 2018 – Tuesday

9:00 CET: Jerzy Józefczyk, Mirosław Ławrynowicz & Grzegorz Filcek: On problems and methods of coordinated scheduling and location; Chair: Ignacy Kaliszewski

10:00 CET: Session III: Advances in optimization techniques for machine learning; Chairs: Serena Crisci & Giorgia Franchini)

Pasquale Cascarano: ADMM DIP-TV: combining Total Variation and Deep Image Prior for image restoration

Giorgia Franchini: Steplength and mini-batch size selection in Convolutional Neural Networks

Marek Pecha: Balancing predictive relevance of ligand biochemical activities

Simone Rebegoldi: A stochastic inexact restoration trust-region method with application to machine learning

Marco Viola: Line-search second-order methods for optimization in noisy environments


12:30 CET: Intermission: Open resources in the digital repository of the Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences, by Joanna Niesłuchowska-Kubacz

12:40 CET: Session IV: Management & Economics; Chair: Jerzy Tchórzewski

Leszek Klukowski: Problems of Polish public debt – state from before Covid-19

Jan Gadomski & Lech Kruś: Short and long term objectives of an enterprise. bi-criteria analysis

Radosław Marlęga & Jerzy Tchórzewski: Metaidentification of the management system of the PEPE in terms of control theory and systems

Jarosław Stańczak & Jan Owsiński: Evolutionary k-means clustering method with controlled number of detected groups applied in determining the typology of Polish municipalities


14:40 CET: Session V: Data analysis, modelling and applications; Chair: Zbigniew Nahorski

Jolanta Jarnicka & Zbigniew Nahorski: Comparison of two methods of estimating uncertainty in national greenhouse gas inventories

Jan Owsiński, Cristian Ciurea, Florin Filip & Jarosław Stańczak: Students’ forward thinking – an analysis of cultural divides

Jan Betley, Mateusz Iskrzyński & Magdalena Sochacka: Auto-Machine-Learning on Texts

Antoni Żochowski, Weronika Radziszewska, Katarzyna Szulc & Jörg Verstraete: Approximation of energy-optimal train control

Krzysztof Schiff: Ant algorithm for maximum number of 3-cliques in 3-partite graphs


17:15 CET: Closing of the Conference

* CET: Central European Time; in red fonts: paper not presented



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