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The Society conducts the following kinds of activities:

(i) Organisation of cyclical national conferences of the research and application communities from operational and system research (BOS being the acronym for these conferences). The BOS conferences convene a broad representation of the community. The meetings are organised by the Society in collaboration with other institutions, such as universities, research institutes, or other learned societies. The output from these meetings is usually published in a book form publications. Besides the BOS conferences, the Society organised, or co-organised several other meetings of national and international scale, see under Conferences.

(ii) Publications, containing materials originating either from the BOS conferences or from other forms of activity, including own research and research conducted together with other institutions.

(iii) Own research, including that conducted in collaboration with other institutions. Research is usually done through project teams established by the Society for particular purposes. Through its broad contacts the Society is capable of carrying out valuable work, of both fundamental and of applied nature in a variety of specific domains.

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