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sent out irregularly, mainly on the basis of what's new

Edited etc. by Jan Owsiński


Issue no. 10, Autumn/Winter 2004


Merry Christmas time and a prosperous and happy New Year 2005 to all of you




1.      About this issue: the highlights

2.      MODEST 2004 meeting in Warsaw

3.      Invitation to EURO 2006 in Reykjavik

4.      Invitation to Petersburg, June 2005



1. About this issue: the highlights


Dear Friends, this issue of the MODEST Newsletter follows the consecutive meeting of the group in Warsaw at the end of September 2004. Thus, the very first section of this Newsletter is devoted to the event and its effects. We can already now invite you to the next MODEST workshop, which will be held, according to the current plans, in September 2006.


The subsequent two sections of the Newsletter consist of invitations to two conferences, at which our working group is supposed to organise special sessions. One of them, EURO 2006, will take place on July 2-5, 2006, in Reykjavik, Iceland, and MODEST is invited to set up a session or even a series of sessions at this very important international event, while the second one – or rather the first, in chronological terms, will be held in St. Petersburg, Russia, in June 2005. The abstract submission deadline is in January 2005, so, if you wish to participate, hurry up.


2. MODEST 2004 meeting in Warsaw


The consecutive meeting of MODEST took place at the end of September 2004 in Warsaw, and, like the preceding meeting of the Working Group, it was run within the framework of the bi-annual national conference of the Polish Society of Operational and System Research Society ("BOS 2004"). In distinction to the previous MODEST meeting, most of the MODEST-related papers were presented during the proper sessions of the BOS 2004 conference, and only a working meeting of the group members was organised separately. As it is already a well established tradition, a book will be published soon (yet in December 2004 or in January 2005), resulting from the meeting and the discussions around it.


The tenatative table of contents of the volume is as follows (down to the precision of the titles of two papers that do not appear in bold letters):

MODEST 2004:

Integration, Trade, Innovation & Finance: From Continental to Local Perspectives

Jan W. Owsiński, ed.


Introduction/ForewordJan W. Owsiński, Zbigniew Nahorski


Chapter 1: Finance and Banking


Jan Gadomski: An analysis of the dynamics of deposits and loans

Irena Woroniecka: Factors determining interest rate level in Poland. Estimation results for 1993-2002

Qing He and Xiaoguang Yang: Understanding the duration of the exchange rate pegs


Chapter 2: Trade, Openness and Hi-Tech


Jan W. Owsiński, Sławomir Zadrożny: Trade in hi-tech products around the Baltic Rim – a business-as-usual or a progressive phenomenon?

Tiiu Paas: A trade model for a small open economy – the case of Estonia

A. Barbara Kisiel-Łowczyc: Current Finnish-Polish economic relations – impact on Poland’s competitiveness

Helena Lindskog: SOTIP – Swedish government’s Open Telecommunications system Interconnection Profile. From an idea to a procurement model


Chapter 3: European Union, Structures and Effectiveness


Maurice Yolles and Paul Iles: The case for a multi-speed Europe

Frantisek Turnovec, Jacek Mercik: European voting power debate and the formal power indices

Krzysztof Cichocki: Regional development implemented by Polish local governments with an aid from the EU funds


It can already be assumed that the book can be ordered from the Systems Research Institute upon contacting Ms Joanna Runowska ( ), to obtain the book at the MODEST (!) price of 20 € + postage.


Like before, the book is not the proper proceedings volume, since it contains peer reviewed papers, some of which have not been presented during the meeting, and, on the other hand, it does not contain some that actually were presented.



3. Invitation to EURO 2006 in Reykjavik


EURO Working Group MODEST is invited to contribute actively to the consecutive, 21st EURO conference, EURO 2006, which will be held in Reykjavik, Iceland, on July 2-5, 2006. You can find a general information on the conference under , the website of the 21st European Conference on Operational research, EURO 2006. The leading theme of the Conference is “OR for Better Management of Sustainable Development”.


In fact, it is possible that we organise a series (stream) of sessions within our area of competence. In addition, if any of you felt like contributing by inviting further potential participants, you are indeed welcome to chair or co-chair those sessions. Note that it is assumed that each session will comprise three papers.

Thus, you are kindly asked to send in – by e-mail – your suggestions for the papers to be presented in Reykjavik possibly soon, with the internal deadline being set up for the MODEST group at February 28th, 2005. These preliminary proposals ought to contain the names and addresses of the authors, the proposed title of the paper, and a short abstract of about one standard A4 page (1800 characters).


Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland: look out for exotic nature, glaciers, volcanic lava, waterfalls and midnight sun!



4. Invitation to St. Petersburg, June 2005


We are extending this invitation to you, having been asked to do this by some MODEST members, who are also actively engaged in the conference, to which you all are indeed invited, and which lies largely within the scope of interest of the Working Group.


Dear Colleagues, the Department of Informatics at St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance in Russia, and the Department of Management and Economics at Linköping University in Sweden have the pleasure to invite you to participate in “IT in Business” (ITIB) international conference in St. Petersburg, to take place on June 14-17, 2005.


The conference is an international event for researchers, academics, practitioners and students in the advances in, and applications of IT in Business (private and public). The participants have the opportunity to present, observe and discuss the latest research results in this area. The conference invites proposals that address theories, concepts, case studies and applications of qualitative as well as quantitative aspects of IT in Business. All submitted papers will be double blind peer reviewed.


All accepted papers would be published in the conference proceedings.


Main subjects of the conference (although the scope is not limited to these ones) are:

- E-business and e-commerce                                                         - Market channel strategy
- IT and product/service development                                          - Logistics
- Marketing                                                                                          - Virtual organizations
- Public procurement                                                                         - Net structures
- SMEs                                                                                                  - IT Investment

   - Financial IT                                                                                    - Resource Planning


Important dates :

Extended abstract submission: January 15th 2005

Full version paper submission: April 1st 2005

Acceptance notification: May 1st 2005

Submission to:
Contact: Ms. Lena Sjöholm; e-mail:, fax: 013-281873, tel: 013-282357

More information at: and


Hope to see you in St. Petersburg!


Best regards,


Helena Lindskog (Linköping University, Sweden), e-mail:

Valeri V. Trofimov (St. Petersburg State University, Russia), e-mail:



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