MODEST, MODelling of Economies and Societies in Transition



Professor Zbigniew Nahorski and Dr Jan W. Owsinski,

c/o Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences, Newelska 6,

01-447 Warszawa, Poland.

Tel: (48) (22) 3810 213, Fax: (48) (22) 3810 105,

E-mails: nahorski@ibspan.waw.pl & owsinski@ibspan.waw.pl; www.ptbois.org.pl/modest



MODEST associates specialists in mathematical and computer modelling who are especially interested in modelling and analysis of the economic and social transformation processes taking place in the modern world, with explicit emphasis on the processes taking place in the Central and Eastern parts of Europe. It is the purpose of the Working Group to be a forum for exchange of ideas and experiences in this domain, and also to identify these areas where the most acute gaps exist and where modelling is feasible, and to formulate as well as promote research projects for such areas. The modelling that MODEST is most interested in is the pragmatic one (whether macro- or micro-economic, simple regression or complex dynamic, analytic or simulation, but oriented at definite currently debated and crucial questions, as well as based upon real data or real-life guesses). Yet, theoretical models (like e.g. economico-political ones, for instance based on game theory) are by no means excluded from the MODEST's perspective.


The Working Group was established in the Spring of 1994 as an informal body. By Summer 1994 it reached the critical mass in terms of international and interdisciplinary character of the core membership.


In Fall 1994 MODEST was granted affiliation with the Technical Committee of the International Federation of Automatic Control dealing with "Dynamic Modelling of National and Regional Economies", headed by Professor Berc Rustem from London and, following this, it was proposed that Professor Zbigniew Nahorski would serve as the Vice-Chair of this Technical Committee.


Then, in January 1995 MODEST was granted, to our great satisfaction, the Working Group ("EWG") status with EURO. These two affiliations allow the Group to maintain the connection with two international communities, which are essential for the methodology and implementation of modelling approaches and projects.


MODEST is - locally - institutionally affiliated with the Polish Operational and System Research Society. The Group is organisationally assisted by The Interfaces Institute Co. in Warsaw, and by the Systems Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences.



The current mailing list consists of close to 130 names (late Fall 2015). The verification procedure is underway, planned to be terminated in Spring 2016.



MODEST Newsletter is being issued more or less once-twice a year, depending upon the current and planned events. Until now eighteen issues were produced, the last one in Fall 2015.




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